Defensive HR Game Plan

Are your employee files compliant? Do you know which Federal and State employment compliance regulations apply to your business? We’ll help you protect your business and minimize the legal risks regarding employment issues that apply to your company. We’ll also help you effectively communicate your company mission, values, direction, goals, and team expectations.


Offensive HR Game Plan

Want to attract, hire, and retain the right team members for the right positions? We can help you do that. As a bonus, we offer DISC behavioral assessments for the recruiting, hiring, and/or onboarding process. We’ll also assist with designing and managing benefits packages, as well as individual and team performance measurements and rewards. And we excel with employee conflict management and resolution.


Special Teams 

Want to become an employer of choice, build strong team-member loyalty, have higher customer retention, and become a business leader in your community? We’ve got impressive strategies for helping you accomplish that and more. And we offer DISC behavioral and personality assessments with follow-up team workshops.



You can’t help but win when you take advantage of the coaching and consulting expertise of qualified HR professionals. Close HR is your high-level support resource for key HR projects, initiatives, strategies, and success.

Check out these video interview excerpts with Ann Close of Close HR, hosted by Bob Collier of RTP Business Live